Typing Speed Test

TypingTest.co is a free typing speed test site to calculate how fast you type. Take a 1-min, 3-min, or 5-min test to check your average words per minute (WPM).


Several people use two index fingers to type on the keyboard. Also, many often look around for characters and letters. On a full keyboard with 104 keys, such a task can be daunting and time-consuming. But, you can learn touch typing and practice often to become fast and efficient at typing on a keyboard.

Touch typing is a method in which you look at the screen instead of the keys when typing. The idea is to develop your finger’s muscle memory of the key layout. So you need not keep looking at the keyboard the entire time or keep alternatively checking the screen after you hit a key.

Typing Tests help you improve typing to push the gears and improve your speed without hunting for the keys with your eyes. When you practice typing regularly, you can focus on improving accuracy, as well as your typing speed.

Typically, anyone would look at the most Words Per Minute (WPM) to call them an expert. Typing fast may work in a competition, but you’ll also need to be accurate simultaneously. So, a good typing speed is 40 average words per minute, which includes all kinds of tasks. 

Many adults can type at a rate of over 60 words per minute using all their fingers. In contrast, children who use computers infrequently might type at a rate of about 15 words per minute.

The official Guinness Book of Records cites Barbara Backburn as the fastest typist, with a 212 WPM speed record in 2005. Since then, no successor has been recorded, but a handful of people claim to type over 250 WPM in Typing Championships. While type speed gives the rush, accuracy doesn’t complement it. You can achieve higher accuracy but at the cost of speed.

Bragging about your average words per minute (WPM) rates is impressive, but explaining how you calculated that number is tricky. We’ve designed our tests to give you the details about Words Per Minute, Characters Per Minute, and Accuracy.

This is the formula to calculate Words Per Minute with our tests:

Words Per Minute (WPM): (Correct Characters / 5) / Time Taken (in minutes)

The test checks for a total number of correctly typed characters divided by 5 (Average word length), then divides the number further by the time taken (test selected – 1, 3, or 5 minutes). For example, if you type 800 correct characters in 5 minutes, your WPM comes to 32.

Characters Per Minute (CPM): Correct Characters / Time Taken (in minutes)

The tests check the number of correct characters typed in a specific test duration—1, 3, or 5 minutes. For example, if you’ve typed 800 correct characters in 5 minutes, then your CPM is 160 (characters per minute)

Accuracy: (Correct Characters / Total Characters Typed) * 100

The tests determine your typing accuracy after dividing the number of correct characters by the total characters and multiplying it by 100.

For example, if you’ve typed 800 correct characters out of 1000, your Accuracy will be 80%.

Net Speed: WPM * (Accuracy / 100)

Our tests calculate your Net Speed after multiplying your Words Per Minute average rate with the number obtained after the Accuracy rate is divided by 100.

Typing tests help you know where you stand regarding your speed and accuracy. Improving your speed at typing words over time makes you quick with your work—whether it’s a college assignment or a research report in the office. A typing test is one of the most effective tools to help understand your typing ability and the challenging regions of a keyboard.

They help you develop two things:

  • Better understanding of how fast you type.
  • Know how accurately you type.

To improve your typing speed and level up against those who use only two index fingers, you’ll need to use all 10 fingers. A comfortable posture can help you type longer without tiring your wrists. 

Also, typing tests can help you practice to get more accurate with various words regularly. Besides improving your touch-typing proficiency, you can also manage the accuracy of the words you type.

Practicing regularly with typing tests can enhance your typing skills and become more efficient and productive with the keyboard.